While most research on the very early period of the reform era focuses on New England or New York City, Friend of Man illustrates that reform was thriving in Central New York as well. In this periodical, one meets a small, but vocal group of people from both races and all walks of life, intent on changing America. Scholars studying social reform in New York State will be interested in Friend of Man's revelations about the regional interconnectedness of reform, especially in areas such as Utica, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, and New York City. Scholars studying social reform from a national perspective will be interested in the links this newspaper documents between social movements in Central New York and social movements in other parts of the North.

Friend of Man holdings

281 issues of this oversized (26" x 18"), multi-columned newspaper digitized from Cornell's microfilm holdings. The available issues are listed below:

  • v.1 - v.4 no.17 (June 23, 1836 - Oct. 9, 1839)
  • new series v.1 no.1 - new series v.1 no.44 (Oct. 16, 1839 - August 12, 1840)
  • new series v.1 no.46 - new series v.1 no.52 (August 26, 1840 - Oct. 7, 1840)
  • v.5 no.1 - v.5 no.51 (October 14, 1840 - Oct. 19, 1841)
  • v.6 no.2 (Nov. 9, 1841)
  • v.6 no.11 (Jan. 11, 1842)